Some of these examples come from the work of Mulberry Schools Trust in recent years.  These are the type of opportunities that Mulberry Schools Foundation will extend to partner schools and communities nationally and internationally.

Sustaining impact

…by celebrating and sharing outcomes so extending best practice and making a national and international contribution to educational improvement, policy and knowledge.

Committing to action

Foundation events routinely ask participants to commit to specific action after the event, to continue to raise awareness of issues addressed, to disseminate ideas and to engage others in debate. The events build participants’ confidence and skills for leading in this way.

Celebrating and disseminating

The Foundation will host a range of conferences, workshops, seminars and events for teachers, support staff, academics, business leader and community leaders, designed to share learning from its activities and engagement.

The Foundation will also enable contributions from students, staff and community members to national and international conferences, including those focussed on teacher training and the self-advocacy of students who experience social barriers.

Shared resources

Mulberry Schools Foundation publishes models, resources and evaluations from its events so that others can use them in their own organisations or to inform events of their own.

Published outcomes

The Foundation will publish regular reports developing aspects of its activity, including peer-reviewed research reports. It will seek opportunities to publish the original and creative work of the communities it works with, for example the anthology of poems “Letters to our daughters”, which grew out of the Partnership of Equals Conference.

The Foundation also plans to enable young people and others from our communities to create films that highlight local, national and global issues, such as the 2013 award-winning documentary “Justice in Action”, telling of students’ journey to explore the turbulent history of Bosnia and then to The Hague to sit in on the trial of Radovan Karadzic, and the 2019 “Aldgate East Stories”, a 30-minute documentary made by parents and community members to celebrate the people who live, work and study in Aldgate East.