Mulberry Schools Foundation is a charity set up in 2019 by Mulberry Schools Trust to support, develop and champion young people and their families in the Trust’s schools and partner schools and its local and global community.

Our vision

Life chances, choice and wellbeing are underpinned by exceptional educational opportunity, unlimited by background; we seek to make this a reality for all children and young people.

Our mission

Extending from the Mulberry Schools Trust community, we support, develop, champion, and create exceptional opportunities for children and young people facing disadvantage, so strengthening their capacity to make a difference in their world.

How we impact

We remove barriers to learning, achievement and social engagement by supporting, developing and championing young people and their families in Mulberry Schools Trust’s schools, partner schools and associated local and global communities.

We create opportunity for these young people, extending a range of educational opportunities, commonly available to those from more privileged backgrounds, that build creativity, confidence, discernment, leadership, self-determination, global awareness and a belief that all opportunities and challenges are open.

We give voice to children, young people and other communities less often heard and provide platforms for leadership through those voices.

We innovate for change to enhance equality and social justice and open doors for young people and communities experiencing disadvantage, so building their capacity to make a difference to their world.

We sustain impact by celebrating and sharing outcomes so extending best practice and making a national and international contribution to educational improvement, policy and knowledge.

What we do

The Foundation:

  • commissions organisations to lead a range of activities on our behalf to fulfil our mission;
  • funds organisations to lead activities consistent with our mission; and
  • awards grants to individuals facing hardship.

The Foundation works in our local community of Tower Hamlets, across London and the UK and internationally.

Who benefits?

Mulberry Schools Trust serves families in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets where 43% of children live in poverty, the highest rate in London. The Foundation’s immediate impact on this community will be extended to other disadvantaged communities across Tower Hamlets, in other areas of London and in urban and rural areas nationally and internationally. The Foundation opens doors that are so often resistant to these communities.

Through its research and the dissemination of innovative practice, the Foundation also works with, influences and supports a range of other organisations, educationalists, academics, thinkers, community leaders and policy makers, so contributing to sustained progress towards a more equitable society.

Why us?

The Foundation is building on Mulberry Schools Trust’s exceptional track record of creating opportunities that build leadership, give voice, enhance equality and social justice and develop young people’s capacity to make a difference to their world. We are able to extend the Trust’s vision and ambition to young people and communities facing similar barriers nationally and internationally. We draw on and extend Mulberry Schools Trust’s extensive and diverse network of educationalists, thinkers and innovators. We are also in the unique position of being able to learn from and use the voices of Mulberry Schools Trust’s students, alumni and community to ensure the relevance and impact of our work.