Mulberry Schools Foundation is keen to develop mutually supportive partnerships with local and national businesses. If you share our vision, we invite you to make financial or in-kind contributions to our work and to give us the opportunity to reciprocate.

The Foundation offers you:

  • a local partner who shares your CSR aims
  • a link to our very strong local, and growing national, reputation
  • engagement with, and insight from, cohorts that may be hard to reach, such as young people; ethnic minorities
  • new contexts for your leaders
  • volunteering opportunities that build resilience and teams

If you would like an informal discussion about these benefits and the possible contributions you could make as below, please contact

Contribute your expertise

Our communities will have much to gain from engagement with your specific expertise and perspectives in your area of commercial activity and its associated services. Could you provide speakers? workshop leaders? mentors? panel members?

Loan your facilities

Do you have venues and facilities that you could make available for a Mulberry Schools Foundation activity or event? Our participants rise to the opportunities of professional environments and being able to use state-of the-art technology and facilities.

Consider us for your “Charity of the Year”

The Foundation is tackling issues of social justice that are of concern to everyone and doing so in an innovative and immediate way. We are keen to engage as widely as possible. As your Charity of the Year, we will share our activity and impact to inspire and motivate your staff. The Foundation will provide insight and stories from our beneficiaries, participants and leaders and opportunities to directly participate in our activities. Share in the joy, optimism and ambition that engagement with young people brings!

Become a funding partner

Do you have a Corporate Social Responsibility budget or a linked Foundation that seeks to fund charitable activity that addresses disadvantage and promotes equality and social justice? The Foundation would welcome a discussion with you to explore the consistency of our missions and how a partnership could be mutually beneficial.

As a funding partner, your company will be highlighted on the Foundation’s website, and referenced in resources and publications for events, activities and research to which you have contributed funding.